Monday, December 17, 2012

Meet Billy: The Boy Who Captured the Stars

Like Charlotte, I lost my stars for a bit way back.  And like Billy Pearce you made me see the stars again by making me look up.  You brought back my faith in love.  You made me trust our relationship.  And you always see the best in us.

I have very few to say this year because you make me so happy, I am speechless.

I love you babe and happy anniversary.

Monday, August 6, 2012

My Love Affair

I started reading romance novel at the age of 13.  Nope, I did not start with Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys but went right straight to Mills & Boons.  It was a great influence from my relatively big group of women cousins, not to mention my sister who is 5 yrs older than me, who were all reading pocket books.  I witness the frequent exchanges and trade ins of the books between them.  The most popular back then was Mills & Boons.  I've seen the wall of bookshelves my oldest cousin have in her room where we, my lady cousins, always gather around to borrow from her.  The very first book I read was by Janet Dailey.  Too much drama if you ask me but I love her just the same.

Reading to me is very fascinating.  I do not know if you experience the same way I do when I read but I think its really powerful.  Because when I am reading a book, it seems to me like I am watching a movie in my mind.  I can picture the characters and the events happening just like a movie.  I specifically like the part where I can almost feel the tension, twist and turns of the story that I am a live participant.  And that starts my love affair with books.

I moved on to read authors like Jude Deveraux, Judith McNaught, and of course Barbara Cartland.  These writers made me love the Victorian and Edwardian centuries.  The ballgowns and corsets added to the romanticism of that time.  I love those historical romance books.

After a while, I jumped from one author to another, getting bored with what I read.  I am looking for that adventure and romance that I found from the previous books I read.  The excitement I felt reading about riding horses, attending a ball on my gown, getting invitations for an afternoon tea in the gardens and meeting the dashing Earl or Duke who will swept me off my feet.  I guess all I need is time...

I came across a certain author named Patricia Cornwell, a recommendation from a friend.  An author who ignites my curiosity for mystery, crime and action.  Then came, Stephanie Mayers, who introduced me to the world of vampires.  I know everyone must know her name by now but for me, I've only known her from the movie Twilight.  I would have never read her books if it has not been for the movie.  Then again, I give her credit for it ignites my interest for vampires.

A couple of months ago, I went to a second hand bookstore to look for  more books I can sink my hand ito.  I am looking for new adventures and possibly a mystery.  I saw from the top bookshelves was about eight paperback books lined up together of the same author.  It seems to me that it is a series of books.  Curiosity sinks in as I grab all of them thinking, this should be good or I am returning these books.

Happy with my purchase, I got home and started reading Dead Until Dark but Charlaine Harris.  And whooaa, it was great!  I was taken to a world of supernatural that I have never been before.  Yes it was about vampires and wolves like Twilight but this is INTENSE!  Really ABSURD! CH, short for Charlaine Harris, is funny, witty, smart and incredibly good.  Let me tell you that I could not put this book down as soon as I started it.  She is amazing!

So now, I would like to say I am sorry to the Montgomery's, Taggert's, Earls, Dukes and Prince's I've know all those years reading but I have a new man in my life now and his name is Eric....

Eric Northman, Viking Vampire. Bwwwaaahhhahahahaha...

Friday, August 3, 2012

12 Reasons Why I Love My Husband

1. He lets me choose which movie to watch or let me pick where to eat.

2. He leaves me alone when I am watching my favorite TV shows.

3. He picks / drop me off work whenever he can.

4. He always tells me I am sexy even if I am not ;).

5. He eats anything I cook even if its not good (remember the fish I fried without cleaning the insides? Yikes!!! hahaha... ) and shower me praises when I cook something he really likes.

6. He loves his mom and he adores my family.

7. He opens doors for me or carry my heavy grocery bags.

8. He gives me compliment when my confidence is down.

9. He encourages me when I looses faith.

10. He tries very hard to keep me happy in every aspect (and I mean every aspect).

11. He works really hard to be able to give me a comfortable life.

12. He may not be as romantic as I dreamed of him to be but he loves me unconditionally.


Note: Just a reprint

Sunday, June 13, 2010

F for failed

I can say that I had my share of failed relationships. I hate to admit it but I started young. At first, it was puppy love. Young and vulnerable I was, I felt like it was the most adorable feeling in the world until we came to a reality and broke up. Yet each relationship is different from the last one however it started or ended. And each time a relationship ends, it hurts in different levels as well. Believe me they do, coming from someone who had her heart broken as much as I did. But the total mystery for me is how the other half dealt with the failed relationship. Did they cry over me as much as I did? Did they even thought of me? Proving them is hard since men usually kept to themselves especially when it comes to their emotions and feelings. One thing I am one hundred percent sure though is that they do get hurt too or was it just their pride, machismo? Dealing with those feelings are not the same as girls do. Some turn to drinking with their friends. Partying all night with other girls. Others... "rebound" relationships. On my opinion, rebound relationship is the most cruel they can do as punishment or some sort of revenge. For one thing, it is totally unfair for the next girl who, I am sure will be hurt more than intended. Lets face it, we are total different when it comes to dealing with this kind of emotions and feelings. And dragging someone else with you is just unforgivable. Perhaps a reasonable amount of months or even years of "mourning" period would suffice. Probably it depends on how passionate your relationship is. Like anything you lost, you cry over it. Reminiscence the happy and sad moments. Kept the pain at bay until its no longer surfacing but locked away inside. The wounds somehow find a way to heal and left scars. A symbol of your broken heart, the lesson learned and strength gained. You can say it makes you wiser. But even if you won't admit it, this person have touched your life like no one. The intensity of your emotions will not be identical with others. The special moments you shared together will not be duplicated. And your feelings will not match anyone again. That is why you need enough time to heal before jumping in the wagon, as they say, again. So to those who just had their heart broken, give it time. Your heart will not stop beating, thus it has just indured one of its challenges which is I am sure is in no contest to the journey it will face after eating those chicharon bulaklak and litson while having drinking session with friends! Cheers...


Finally I found my guts to start writing blogs. Four opinionated friends, who has a lot on their minds and are now ready to share their view to all. My first thought over this concept is that, am I ready to share all my thoughts to all people? Am I ready to give my opinions on topics I think are important to me but not as important to others? Sharing all this would mean to open up my mind to a whole new prespective. Accept comments and critisism not only from my friends who I've know for years but also even from someone I dont know who just happen to read my blog. I think I could live with that. Besides, a good critisism is what I need if I really wanted to be a writer right? Wait... I don't want to be a writer! Its just what I love doing... writing my thoughts. I even used to have a diary named Vicky. I love writing letters... love letters particularly. I don't write them for me but write them for other people. During my high school days, my classmates and other batchmates used to ask me to write them love letters for their boyfriends or even other girls. They would tell me their whole love story or what they were fighting about and from there... I will write the letter. Sounds bizarre doesn't it? When they could have just written their own love letters? But it feels more unreal to me since I was the one writing them. It was fun because I get to see them make up after reading "my" letter. Or make them smile just reading a note I scribble the last minute of class. Where does those feelings come from? I honestly don't know but what I do know is that I searched my feelings while listening to them tell their stories and ask myself what would I say if I were in their place.
So this blog is just another means of expressing my thoughts and feelings with words. I actually look forward to having this blog... it would be my way of giving my opinions without the inhibitions, I hope. Though, I have requests to those who will read my "thoughts"... comments but not complain... critisize the topic not judge the writer and by all means applaud not hold back.